The secure way to send mails

In these days the world wide web became our second home and data protection is becoming more an more important – and meanwhile more and more complicated, because we are linked up from everywhere, we are constantly online and masses of data come together and are collected. In all of this b2b-apartments want you to have the possibility of a discreet and protected way to communicate with us and so we have a new tool available. Through the e-mail encryption program “MXG” from Comcrypto, several security technologies are combined and individually selected so that the encryption of the communication with external recipients offers sufficient security and is at the same time the least complicated. This means that e-mails arrive in our recipients’ “normal” inboxes and they can open and read them immediately and usually without a password, a certificate or via a portal. Nevertheless, they are transferred in a way that is 100% compliant with data and privacy protection compliant. Our mail server establishes a connection to the recipient and encrypts any content sent by us. Whether a mail sent by us is really encrypted, you can see in the subject line, where you will find a symbol of a small lock besides the subject, what makes sure that the email was sent with the so-called “qualified transport encryption”. That means, it was sent to you data protected and is secure before you open it.

What is the comcrypto encryption program?

Comcrypto has been working with secure online communication for a long time. They are looking for solutions and technologies that will help small and large companies, government agencies and institutions to to secure and protect their email communications easily and effectively. In about 95% of the cases, neither the employees nor the customers are aware of the encryption, thanks to the thanks to the use of transport encryption as required. Everything runs in the background.

What makes email transmission insecure?

Emails are sent from the sender’s email server to the recipient’s email server. From a security perspective, there are several major problems with it:

Whether an email arrives at the recipient’s system without being opened and read by a third one, can not be trackable afterwards. We do not want this to happen when communicating with us. Our encryption system offers
security in all the points listed.

What data can be sent by apartments-b2b without hesitation?

Data, leases, invoices and personal information about customers or third parties (e.g. addresses of interested parties). The contents of our emails and email attachments are encrypted by us.

What are the current data protection requirements for email contact with companies?

If companies or public institutions send data by email to external recipients, they must comply with the official security requirements. However, this is not always the case. For us the basic condition for good customer contact is the option of trustworthy and thus secure communication, even of sensitive data.