Rental for temporary housing:
Personal, expedient, strong.



“Mitwohnzentrale” in the past – today agency for furnished living

The idea of a “Mitwohnzentrale” (local flat-sharing centre) was born at the end of the 1980s in Berlin. Anyone looking for a temporary flat had to go to the nearest Mitwohnzentrale. Or one had to make an inquiry about an apartment via telephone.

A journey into the blue – without photos or video material

At that time, the local Mitwohnzentrale could not offer photos or video material for the presentation of apartments. Potential tenants therefore had difficulty getting an idea of what was on offer. If one lived far away, the apartment could not be visited. Tenants had to trust the Mitwohnzentrale and embark on a journey into the blue. It was often a matter of luck whether the apartment met the expectations of the tenants.

The World Wide Web opened several doors...

With the launch of the Internet in the mid-1990s, a new platform for the industry was created. From now on, residential properties were put online and presented there. Apartments, flat-sharing rooms or even houses – here everyone can find what they are looking for in almost every district of a city.
In former times mostly private dwellings or rooms were sublet by privately. Today’s “furnished temporary living” is different. The apartments are specially furnished and designed so that the tenants only have to arrive with their suitcases. The apartments offer tenants everything they need to feel comfortable.